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Sales 101

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This course is for new sales professionals and business owners wishing to learn professional sales techniques.
It includes the basics that every salesperson must know to be effective, including:

  • Introduction to Sales
    • The importance of sales
    • Overcoming sales myths
    • Everyone Sells Already
  • Sales Skills
    • Communication Skills in Sales
    • Understanding Prospects and Clients
    • Negotiation Skills 101
    • Your Purpose and Demeanour
  • The Sales Process
    • Shaping the Deal: What are you really selling?
    • Prospecting and Introductions
    • Client Engagement
    • The Art of the Close

At the end of the course, attendees will have a good understanding of the sales process and skills needed to create successful outcomes. Where courses are run within your organisation, the examples and roll-plays can be tailored to
specifically the mirror actual situations.

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