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NLP Sales Methodology

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychology school. Its techniques are proven to create lasting change in patients within record time. Already, several individual skills uncovered by NLP are widely used by sales professionals
(e.g. mirroring and matching, persuasive language, etc.).

Never before has a sales methodology been created
based on successful 'end-to-end' NLP practices


Sales professionals rely on a "compelling event" to trigger client action to purchase. Without a sufficiently compelling event, the client doesn't take action, so doesn't purchase.

Status quo is the greatest killer of potential purchase decisions

Often a 'compelling event' is created by the company wanting to sell (limited offers, future price increases, etc.). However, today's clients are sophisticated enough to realise these time limits rarely hold if the purchase is important enough - so ignore them.

Lead2Gold's NLP Sales Methodology was created to provide sales professionals with
a structured toolset that creates client change.

It produces client action, even when no compelling event exists

As the pinnacle of sales and persuasion expertise, the skills within this course multiply the abilities of experienced sales professionals.

On completion, attendees have a structured methodology that promotes client action (toward making a purchase). Inherent to the methodology are steps that actively avoid the potential for buyer's remorse.

These are not 'hard sell' techniques - they are collaborative, supportive and successful

A pre-requisite is successful completion of Lead2Gold's Consultancy Sales course.

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