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Reverse Imagineering

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New Term

No term adequately describes the strategies and methodologies deployed by Lead2Gold, so it had to invent one that reflected its methods.

In summary, Reverse Imagineering involves:

  • Studying successful strategies in a wide range of industries and situations
  • Applying those strategies in new environments, to either disrupt the target environment or simply maximise earning potential of Lead2Gold clients.
  • Applying strategies in the new environments individually or in combination to create a (proven) new approach.

Structured Flexibility

Although details are tailored by client, structured methodologies ensure consistent delivery.
Methodologies will deliver a number of options for clients to consider. The target is to select those that deliver advantage over competitors and secure first-mover advantage in the particular industry.

Not Innovation

This is not structured innovation in the sense that innovation introduces new ideas that are not proven. In fact, the opposite is true: it introduces existing ideas that are proven - just not in the client's industry/environment.


The term Reverse Imagineering was created as a combination of Reverse Engineering and Imagineering.
A full explanation why, plus definitions of all three are provided in the Reverse Imagineering section of the About Page.

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