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Organisational Control

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Their Lives In Your Hands

Imagine you are Captain of a large passenger aircraft - with the lives of all the passengers in your hands.

The passengers on board include everyone who want or need you to be successful in business: family members, friends, employees, suppliers, etc.


I suspect the analogy isn't lost on you:

  • the plane is your business
  • the Captain is the CEO of the business (you)
  • passengers are those impacted by the success or failure of your business
  • cockpit dials and displays are information required to control your business successfully

How Would You Fly The Plane?

How about this for a plan:

You decide to ignore the cockpit dashboard that's full of control dials and displays. They're quite intimidating because you are unsure of what they do precisely - and don't want to ask because you'll look silly. After all, you're the Captain so should know what they mean.

You sit in the Pilot's seat and stare ahead out of the window, desparately trying to see obstructions that appear in front of the plane in time to move the joystick and hopefully avoid them.

Ultimately, you are relying on flying around for long enough that the destination magically arrives ahead of you - and you'll then be able to guess how to land the plane safely.

But That's Crazy!

This may sound like a ridiculous scenario, but many owners operate their businesses in this manner. For example, most business owners generate Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet reports annually because they are legally required to by the government.

Similarly, repeated, consistent reporting of key metrics is not followed, nor is there sufficient planning in place with milestones to determine if the business is on course for its successful 'destination'.

If you don't have all the reports regularly telling you where the business is going, and a map of where you're going (with milestones on route to check all is well), then you're essentially the Captain sat in the pilot's seat relying on pure luck to reach a safe destination - and not crash the plane before you find it.

More Complex

Every flight is continually blown off course - each change of wind direction or speed can't be planned for in advance.

Pilots must track where the plane is compared with the destination and continually make small steering adjustments to maintain the correct direction.

Your business is the same. There will be many fluctuations and setbacks that arise as it progresses. Without being able to read a dashboard for your business, or understand where the business is and the changes to apply to keep you moving to your planned destination, how can you possibly expect to successfully deliver the business outcome you dreamed of when you started out?

Your Own Cockpit Dashboard

Lead2Gold will help you identify where you are and where you want to be in business terms.

It will identify a pragmatic set of controls and (where possible) automate them. This will provide you continual feedback on progress. Based on that information, pre-prepared plans to correct obstacles that arise will be created (in the same way, pilots know how to readjust course settings when blown off course).

For an in-depth control system, that is understandable to those with rudimentary accounting knowledge, Lead2Gold has access to tools from a partner organisation. These business controls can be provided for you to operate them, or Lead2Gold can operate them on your behalf - leaving you to focus on what to do with the information reported.

Ongoing reporting and regular snapshots of key metrics will show how your business is progressing. They will allow you to make better, fully-informed choices to correct any issues that arise - and make those choices faster than before, so you avoid any resulting damage or lost positive opportunities.

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