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Operational Optimisation

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Optimising your operations is relatively painless and removes historic inefficiencies and other 'clutter' that costs you in terms of time, effort, money and stress.

Formal systems design methodologies form the basis of Lead2Gold's approach. That said, a common success factor in all solutions is its simplicity and 'light touch' for the client organisation and staff.


A typical step-by-step guide to the process is outlined below:


A 'light-touch' investigation will record existing practices; the investigation will require access to both management and operational staff.

The information captured will be reviewed to inform the Operational Report.


A draft Optimisation Report will be presented that identifies areas that can be improved. From this, a plan will be agreed that determining precisely how each selected areas will be streamlined - including metrics to measure progress and celebrate success as milestones are achieved.


It will summarise the benefits of a new way of working. These benefits will be structured into hard benefits (measurable in terms of time & money saved, client satisfaction rating, etc.), and soft benefits (subjective benefits that will arise such as staff morale).


An implementation plan will form part of the report showing the stages at high level - providing a step-by-step 'how to' guide to deliver the benefits stated.


Also, supporting resources for each change/addition will be identified. These will include as a minimum:

  • financial investments
  • management commitment
  • staff and other stakeholder time and commitment
  • 3rd party support

Should Lead2Gold form part of the implementation, the Optimisation Report will be fully populated and priced to avoid the need for a separate proposal.

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