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Contract / Negotiation Support

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Professional support for negotiations of any kind
should never be underestimated

Negotiation isn't just about contractual wording or agreement on a price. It arises in every part of the period when commercial engagements are being formed: from the initial discussion about what will be delivered, pricing and the terms of build, delivery, support, return policy, etc.

If you're talking to a prospective client, partner or supplier,
you've started your negotiation already

- though you may not realise it


The same is true of contractual wording: every clause is a potential negotiation that might cost you money - potentially more than the value of the contract total.

A badly worded clause
can save (or cost) enormous amounts of money.

Specifically, identifying acceptable though apparently innocuous changes (reshape a payment profile, amend deliverable definition, etc.) can mean the difference between success and failure.

Everyone Wins

"Win-win" is a trite phrase but applicable here. Those who think they can force 'wins' over the other party are naive: I have been on the receiving end of such negotiations and had to concede - but always recovered several times the value of any loss at a later stage without the other party realising.

If you think you're able to win by forcing others to lose,
you need this course more than anyone
- it will save you money in the long term

Being able to identify how to amicably reach agreement, with both parties content with the result, leads to good ongoing relationships during delivery of that contract - and repeat business.

Professional, Experienced Support

Lead2Gold's negotiation services are based on many weeks of formal negotiation skills training and having applied those skills for over 20 years for large and complex contracts.

The result is that Lead2Gold is perfectly positioned to assist you in anything you face.

Support provided will be tailored to your specific needs:
from general advice, through pre-negotiation workshops,
to participation as part of your team

Positive Financial Benefit

A principle aim is that:

Any investment in Lead2Gold services will be more than recovered
by benefits and savings delivered during your negotiations

If we don't deliver a greater benefit to you than our engagement costs you, we wouldn't want to participate. It is important that both parties believe from the outset that this will be the case.

If you face any future supplier/client discussions or contract negotiations ahead, enjoying a free Initial Consultation to jointly determine if Negotiation Support is for you will take only a few minutes, but could deliver considerable upside for your future.

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