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Initial Consultation

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In response to your request, a Lead2Gold representative will call to arrange the Initial Consultation.

On the call, additional information to that provided on the request may be sought to determine the most appropriate attendee(s) for the consultation.



The Initial Consultation has one simple objective: collect sufficient high-level information to inform the Evaluation that follows. It will require the following (at least in outline):

  • an understanding of how your business operates in terms of marketing, sales and operations
  • organisational and staffing information
  • issues you want to be addressed
  • opportunities you suspect can be exploited



Locations and availability will determine how the consultation be performed: in person, by Skype/Lync, or by phone.

It is advantageous to meet at the client business address because this provides an opportunity for 1st-hand experience of some business functions and staff (as appropriate).

Occasionally, it is appropriate to avoid the client location because of the anticipated future activities - this will form part of the initial discussion as dates and times are agreed.

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